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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Wed Aug 15 17:09:41 2001

alright, this is the last thing I'm going to say on this particular
point... (heh, how many times have we heard *that* from me...)

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001 [email protected] wrote:

> There are plenty, but most of us are too goddamn lazy to do it ourselves,
> and ask for an ORBS or MAPS like service to do it for us.  We have NEVER
> had a spam problem (we've been here since 1994) going out - not a single
> incident (not that we probably won't haqve one *someday*, but still, it's
> a hell of a good track record).

OK, fine. For the purposes of this argument I'll take that statement at
face value, although I'd be curious where you work. If you're an IT type
at a big corporation whose primary line of business isn't Internet access,
then your statement means nothing as outgoing spam is much easier to
control when you're not an ISP/IAP/NSP/*SP.

> The SPAM problem goes up and down to be sure, but you know what?  PROCMAIL
> is your friend.  All you need to look for are the basics (ADV, Make Money,
> etc) and you can instatly filter 90 percent of this trash into the
> bitbucket.

This sounds like "Just Hit Delete". Most of us who dislike spam would
prefer to remove the problems, not just the symptoms.
> At work (not, I get several orders of magnitude more mail
> (usually obnoxious at that) from the "gentle anti-spammers" than the poor
> "victims" get themselves!

And why is it that you're getting all this mail? Most anti-spammers I know
of just don't go looking for targets to shoot at, they complain to the
sources of spam that they have *actually received.*

> should not be done.  I don't think that SPAM is going to cause any major
> social upheavals.  I also disagree that all people want to be spared from
> SPAM, and with thaqt in mind, I believe everyone should defend themselves
> to the best of their interest, and leave the next guy alone: he or she
> probably has *way* more important things to worry about.

I think you have an agenda. I think further that you are not being
completely honest with us about why you have a bone to pick with MAPS.

The people who read this mailing list aren't naive. You won't find John
Q. AOL-Member reading your posts. I have plenty of experience working on
the net, and I actually consider myself one of the least experienced
people who regularly posts here... I look at reading many of the NANOG
threads as a learning experience, and contribute what little I have to
contribute. Anyhow, you'll find that most of the people here are pretty
good at critical thinking, which is a necessity in the line of business
in which we work. And I am sure that others will be happy to pick apart
your arguments. 

For my own edification... all I am asking is that you come clean and tell
us the ENTIRE story.

-- LLC - Steve "Web Dude" Sobol, CTO - [email protected] 

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