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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: Nathan J. Mehl
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 17:38:46 2001

In the immortal words of Mitch Halmu ([email protected]):
> Guilty of what, Vivien? You are accusing me of being a spammer?

MAPS "accused" you, via a listing in the RSS zone (subscription to
which is now and has alwasy been 100% voluntary), of running an open
relay.  Buried in the midst of your laughable comspiracy-mongering(*)
on your website, you confirm that you are, in fact, deliberately doing
exactly that.

You persist in being the only person on the planet who finds this
state of affairs perplexing in any way.

>  NetSide's customers were fully informed of our stance published on
>  a web site dedicated to the problem, most agreed, and those that
>  chose to stay and endure the year-long MAPS blockade obviously like
>  their communications uncensored, and truly appreciate being able to
>  transparently use their accounts from elsewhere (i.e., from the
>  office).

Two years ago, refusing to admit to the existance of SMTP-AUTH and
pop-before-smtp could be excused as ignorance.  A year ago, deliberate
obtuseness would be the most generous interpretation.  In the middle
of 2001, we are left only with malicious idiocy and/or professional

In sum: grow up, do your job for a change, and please stop trolling on


(*) I noticed on my last cursory pass over that you no
longer seem to be maintaining that MAPS is a conspiracy of the
Japanese government.  May I assume that NTT's lawyers were as amused
as I was?

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