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Re: OSPF Network design

  • From: David Diaz
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 11:49:28 2001

Author John Moy
Moy has been the chairman of the ietf group for OSPF forever. He was supposed to publish the 2nd volume but he has been pretty busy at sycamore. The 2nd volume was even to come with a CD. It's a purplish book and not a hard read.

To make this helpful to anyone else on the list.
Internet Routing Archetectures by Sam Halabi is in it's 2nd edition. Sam added a lot to the book and it's a top network design book in my opinion. Those 2 books were a requirement in the noc for hires.

For Fibre Optics try Jeff Hechts book. Hope I got the last name right.

Dont forget your online resources, Avi put up a pretty nice beginners BGP page etc.


At 8:48 PM +1000 8/14/01, David Luyer wrote:
On 14 Aug 2001 13:23:34 +0300, jan Huizinga wrote:
 Any ideas? Or does some one have a good reference to a site or a book that
 deals with the designing of a (OSPF) network. I have books about OSPF but
 they talk all about the protocol, and don't give real world examples how to
 design this.
I'm not a big one on those traditionalist dead tree writings (books),
but I remember browsing over some computing books in a store in Thailand
a few years back on vacation and seeing a very good book on OSPF with
appendicies on most of the other routing protocols, which was quite

A quick search comes up with:

   OSPF: Anatomy of An Internet Routing Protocol

Which looks familiar and sounds like the one.  From memory it didn't say
a thing about how to configure OSPF in routers, but that all flows from
knowing how the routing protocol works anyway.