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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: Christopher A. Woodfield
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 11:23:15 2001

More so, it is trivial to "overrrule" a MAPS listing in your mail server 
or router if you don't agree with it. So there's no "all or nothing" rule 
either. This applies to any DNS-based, and probably other types, of BLs.


> But you have yet to ever tell anyone how, exactly, MAPS does any
> censoring.  They provide(d?) a list of IP addresses.  That is _all_ they
> have ever done.  I cannot go up to Vixie or MAPS and say "filter my mail
> for me", nor have I ever (that I'm aware of) been able to do so.  MAPS
> does NOT censor anything.  Period.  They provide a set of information,
> which ISPs make a (presumably informed) decision to do filtering (or
> censorship, if you want to call it that) based on.  That is a business
> decision for those ISPs to make, a right which I'm pretty sure I recall
> you defending at some point in one of the monthly MAPS/ORBS/whoever is
> evil flamewars.
> You dance around the real facts in this matter _every single time_ this is
> brought up.  Please explain to me, exactly how MAPS censors anything.
> I'll look forward to your reply.  And don't tell me MAPS filtering is
> enabled by default in Sendmail, or point me to your propaganda page -
> the first one isn't true, and I've read the second before - it doesn't
> answer my question.
> And if you can't come up with an explanation, can we please end this
> monthly flamewar early and keep me from having to add some more rules to
> my .procmailrc?
> Tim
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> Tim Wilde
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