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Re: OSPF Network design

  • From: David Luyer
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 06:50:57 2001

On 14 Aug 2001 13:23:34 +0300, jan Huizinga wrote:
> Any ideas? Or does some one have a good reference to a site or a book that
> deals with the designing of a (OSPF) network. I have books about OSPF but
> they talk all about the protocol, and don't give real world examples how to
> design this. 

I'm not a big one on those traditionalist dead tree writings (books),
but I remember browsing over some computing books in a store in Thailand
a few years back on vacation and seeing a very good book on OSPF with
appendicies on most of the other routing protocols, which was quite

A quick search comes up with:

   OSPF: Anatomy of An Internet Routing Protocol

Which looks familiar and sounds like the one.  From memory it didn't say
a thing about how to configure OSPF in routers, but that all flows from
knowing how the routing protocol works anyway.