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OSPF Network design

  • From: jan Huizinga
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 06:30:05 2001


I have a question regarding OSPF design.

I have a customer which has a hub and spoke topology, in the main site the
have 5 routers and every remote site is using 3 routers and a 1/4 class C
addresses. There are 8 remote sites.

They have created for every site an area, so in total 9 areas + an area 0
makes 10 areas. Is this a typical OSPF design? At this moment this network
is a 100% VoIP network (H.323). In the future they want also to give
Internet access to their customers (dial-up and leased lines). The remote
sites are connected with 1MB links, and some of them shall be upgraded to
2MB links.

Any ideas? Or does some one have a good reference to a site or a book that
deals with the designing of a (OSPF) network. I have books about OSPF but
they talk all about the protocol, and don't give real world examples how to
design this.