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RE: DNS Issues

  • From: Mark Radabaugh - Amplex
  • Date: Mon Aug 13 23:15:55 2001

Your pretty much screwed as far as getting the cached responses fixed -
it depends on the providers with the (bad) cached records clearing the
cache (reboot or restart) or the cache timing out.

Since this was obviously illegal if you can get his IP routed to your
nameserver or just shutdown then it won't really matter that he has a
pointer to his name server - the resolvers will just decide the
secondary is down and look for another name server.

Mark Radabaugh
(419) 833-3635

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Subject: DNS Issues

I need some help in understand this one..

A disgruntled employee set up duplicate DNS for our domain on his
personal server and convinced to update their DNS records to
point to his server as our secondary DNS server.  The record on his
server has a different serial number than ours does, and we've contacted to point the domain back where it belonged.

The question is how do I get the records to propagate rapidly?? he set
the expire time on the records he sent out extremely high.  Is there a
way to force an update?? And what do the serial numbers really do?