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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: Peter Galbavy
  • Date: Mon Aug 13 07:27:54 2001

> Which brings me to another point that's been eating at me since maps
> commercial...  DUL seemed like more of a community effort than RBL or
> Many entries were added by people volunteering their own information
> the idea that it was for the "common good".  I for one, feel shafted
> this list to which I contributed, is only available if I choose to pay
> sizable amount of money.

This feel a bit like CDDB a while back. This is an unfortunate risk that
we take when we do things out of a sense of responsibility. There are
always people out there willing to repackage others work and sell it as
their own. Things like the DUL and CDDB were not started as a 'gimme a
bootstrap so I can go and make some cash' but someone decided that
exactly that would be a great idea.

Ce la vie.