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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Sat Aug 11 14:35:44 2001

On Sat, 11 Aug 2001, Roy wrote:

> It would have been nice if we could all agreed on a DUL database that would be
> distributed free to anyone to use.
> >
> > I know about several of the RSS alternatives, but has anyone setup a DUL
> > alternative?  If not, I'll consider doing it.

That would be the only point in doing it if I were to do it.  Zone
transfer access would be encouraged, if not required.  Users would be
strongly encouraged to put a NOC or abuse contact on a mailing list that
would be used for announcements only.  There would have to be a web site
giving clear instructions on how to add/remove IP blocks.

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