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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: Roy
  • Date: Sat Aug 11 11:57:14 2001

They aren't stolen copies,  They are the last secondary transfer of the dul
domain before MAPS closed its servers up.

Roy Engehausen

[email protected] wrote:

> This is getting really annoying.  It seems multiple large networks have
> stolen copies of the MAPS DUL (I wonder if this is the cause or an effect
> of MAPS going commercial?) which of course are not being kept in-sync with
> the real MAPS DUL.  First it was Earthlink.  Today's winner is
> >>><[email protected]>
> >>>     (reason: 550 Mail from 209.208.x.y refused.  Please refer to
> >>> for an explanation.)
> The address block in question above was removed from the DUL almost 2
> weeks ago, but is still blocking mail from it today, and claiming
> that they're doing so via the MAPS DUL.
> How many other networks have stolen copies of the DUL and either nobody
> maintaining their local copies or bogus sendmail reject messages pointing
> you to the wrong place (or no place) to get the problem fixed?
> If you're going to run your own locally maintained email blacklist, at
> least get the rejection messages right and give out a correct URL for
> procedures on getting off your blacklist.
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