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Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Sat Aug 11 11:47:20 2001

This is getting really annoying.  It seems multiple large networks have
stolen copies of the MAPS DUL (I wonder if this is the cause or an effect
of MAPS going commercial?) which of course are not being kept in-sync with
the real MAPS DUL.  First it was Earthlink.  Today's winner is

>>><[email protected]>
>>>     (reason: 550 Mail from 209.208.x.y refused.  Please refer to
>>> for an explanation.)

The address block in question above was removed from the DUL almost 2
weeks ago, but is still blocking mail from it today, and claiming
that they're doing so via the MAPS DUL.

How many other networks have stolen copies of the DUL and either nobody
maintaining their local copies or bogus sendmail reject messages pointing
you to the wrong place (or no place) to get the problem fixed?

If you're going to run your own locally maintained email blacklist, at
least get the rejection messages right and give out a correct URL for
procedures on getting off your blacklist.

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