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RE: Code Red 2 cleanup; reporting..

  • From: Roeland Meyer
  • Date: Fri Aug 10 10:57:59 2001

> From: Steven M. Bellovin [mailto:[email protected]]
> Sent: Friday, August 10, 2001 12:32 AM
> In message <[email protected]>, Etaoin Shrdlu writes:

> >Spent nearly two days convincing someone who was managing a 
> server that he

> >thing that sucks is that he KNEW he couldn't be a problem, 
> since he wasn't
> >running IIS. I had the packet captures and obvious grabs for 

> So -- if he wasn't running IIS, what was he running?

Win2K boxen are ALWAYS running IIS. It doesn't matter whether you have Pro
or Server. ALL Win2K systems need to run the patch. MSFT chose to integrate
much of the IIS stuff into DLLs with other system critical stuff. As a
result, IIS can't be completely removed without killing off other critical
functions. Yes, what they proved in court is even more true with Win2K than
with Win98 (Duh! MSFT didn't lie, but they didn't tell the whole truth
either). WinXP is even more in that direction, from all reports.

BTW, is any motion happening, in the direction of finding the author(s)? I'd
like to personally thank them, with a new neck-tie. The other end is
attached to a huge California oak tree.