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RE: BGP with AT&T owned space

  • From: Jeff Harper
  • Date: Thu Aug 09 17:00:55 2001

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yeah, thanks, this answered my question....
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    Dear Ladies & Gentlemen,

  It is high time we ask the Public Utilities Commission to NAIL Pac Bell!

  Really! Last night on San Francisco's ABC Channel 7, Reporter Michael Finney

"helped' some 65-year-old European-American males figure out how the "BILL" was

something in the area of $680 pr hour...that is $11.08 for a two second call!

Here is Mr. Finney finessing in behalf of Pac Bell's finagled fudged fiduciaries...

  "Oh, see first you accientally touched or nearly touched the 'O' for Operator BEFORE you dialled the O for is really like ROULETTE there is a D"DOUBLE OWE"...or sometimes if your assigned Peoples Republic of China 'neighbor is at his post on your line...a "DOUBLE LOW" or funny sound which if you dialed 611 would cost you $108 extra for snooping around...where you are not wanted such as in your own backyard which has been PRIVATIZED by the GOVERNMENT so now belongs to THE CHINESE GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS who live in back of you in front of you next door to fact of the 200 HOUSE which comprise LAKESHORE AVE OCEAN AVENUE and COUNTRY CLUB...BERKSHIRE..HUNTINGTON,..etc out at LAKE MERCED in SAN FRANCISCO...only TWO individuals are REAL.."Asian-Americans"...that is SAN FARNCISCO-CHINESE! One girl on the 400 Block of Lakeshore and an older male on the 4700 Block of OCEAN...and the 'neighborhood' is clearly 98% "ASIAN!"

  ASIAN? They are all from CHINA!  RED CHINA!  Not ONE is from SINGAPORE!

No one from any 'asian' places outside of MACAU...TAIWAN...HONG KONG...

and MAINLAND CHINA....NONE were BORN in the USA! NOT ONE! And that is very STARNGE in that the 'BOYS' in the 3-people families...are all about here about 8-years ago from CHINA.... RED CHINA.....speaking 'perfect AMERICAN English without ANY TRACE of an ACCENT? NONE? Hell THEMS SPIES!  How do I know? Channel 60 KCSM "First TV in Classrooms" PBS....says so! Yeah! The show NEW CALIFORNIA MEDIA a show about MINORITIES had the

Chinese-American PArent-Teacher Association on which was SUING the 'Nutty' CITY of SAN FRANCISCO for RACIAL & NATIONAL ORIGINS DISCRIMINATION! Yes! Here was the headlines from the SF CHRONICLE..."SF SCHOOLS RE-INSTATES SEGRAGATION" about how LOWELL HIGH SCHOOL had specially OVERTURNED the NEW FEDERAL LAW which in itself had superceded 'AFFIRAMTIVE ACTION' and called for a level playing field...but to AID & ABET Foreign Nationals posing as 'typical' American TEENS...these dirty bastards not only are HIDING these SPIES out up at LOWELL...but when the SUIT was launched, quickly set about to 'recontour' the PARKING effort which will require 80 double-trucks & the CLEVELAND WRECKING CO.? IN otherwords they are going to BULL DOZE the EEVIDENCE! More proof that a "SPACE COLONY" of COMMUNIST RED CHINESE

were 'planted' here is in the 'fixing-up of the LAKESHORE PLAZA area...just before the 'INVASION" upon our shores...:"SHELTER BAY" of Mill Valley, LUCKY's , ALBERTSON, the UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA and the SOCIAL SECURITY AGENCY of the US Gov. are but a few deeply involved entities. There is NOPOLICE PROTECTION in an area which is 'supposed' to have something like a DOZEN various Law Enforcement & Peace Oficers looking in from time to time...but the REALITY is that the area is MONITORED by CHINESE their NEW CARS without LICENSE PALTES on the CELL_PHONE and with CAMERAS on the HOUSES and in their that AMERICANS are SURVEILLED! (IN OUR OWN COUNTRY! HOLY JESUS! WE NEED TO GET THE FBI TO UPROOT THIS NEST AT ONCE ! INTERN....INTERROGATE AND DEPORT! Now! The idea that a CHINESE NATIONAL who may have been raised in a "Potemkin Village" ( I mean we are letting AIWAN institute ENGLISH as the FIRST LANGUAGE...and whats more this is AFTER we allowed them to pas! ! ! ! ! ! ! s a LAW making FATHER to SON Homosexual UNIONS legally sanctioned in MARRIAGE! And that is another thing...we have given TAiwan to CHINA at least TWO Times now! Why do we go abck & forth? Why give it up the firsat time? Why this "STRATEGIC AMBIGUITY" policy? (That means if a Chinaman is so retarded to think we actually REQUIRE their 'services' here in the USA that no one is supposed to "HIP" him to the TRUTH? HOLY CRAP! Staop this NONSENSE NOW! 1st of ALL these PEOPLE do not know WHOPPS just got a call-back from someone caliming to be th eparty at "LEGAL" at "PUC" that I left a phone message with this morning...BUT,,BIY! Was she MAD! What is SHE mad about? I asked...and she said..."Well you are misrepresenting what the laws are about phone bills..." Urps! I think you got me mixed up with a recently goobled indigestible BURRITO from TACO BELL! (Don't WORRY...she has a YIDDISH name...adn MEXICAN FOOD was INVENTED in LONG BEACH by ROWAN & MARTIN after those two clowns go! ! ! ! ! ! ! t out of the AIR FORCE...CHI-CHI;s EL Doritos, El Toritos, TACO BELL MISSION BELL MISSION TACO etc..all invented by EL GRINGO!

Anyway she said you can SUE but NOT PUC...which is tehre to protect PAC BELL from CITIZEN INQUIRIES..everything must go through "FILTER" or "MUFF" called




 Christian Nielsen <[email protected]> wrote:


Are you a peer or customer of ATT? or are you seeing these from your

If it is the first case, you can ask ATT to not leak more specific routes
to you. Also, they have a community you can use to block them.

If it is the second, please talk to your upstream. That means they are
leaking ATT more specifics. I know of one provider that has done this more
than once in the past... Contact them and make sure they have the correct
route-maps/filters in place.

And if you really dont like seeing them...

prefix-list idontlikethis le 8

that should solve your problem.

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Jeff Harper wrote:

> Just curious if anyone has noticed the leaking of the more specific routes
> of AT&T's IP space in their BGP table. Here's what we're seeing in ours:
> #s ip ro 12.0.0.! ! ! ! ! ! ! 0
> Routing entry for, 589 known subnets
> Variably subnetted with 9 masks
> B [20/0] via x.x.x.x
> B [20/0] via x.x.x.x
> B [20/0] via x.x.x.x, etc.....
> I should just see the aggregation of the /8, but something changed on
> 8/7/2001 at precisely 8 AM Eastern time. The same is with their 24/8 and
> their other networks as well. I have about 40,000 superfluous networks in
> my BGP table. ;)
> Jeff


Kysi Ferul  [email protected]

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