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RE: Static routes in an AS vs BGP advertised routes

  • From: Brandon Ross
  • Date: Thu Aug 09 13:30:03 2001

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Greg Pendergrass wrote:

> The problem is if they aggregate and advertise only a /19 instead of
> individual /24s In this case you could:
> - Ask the pulverized ISP to withdraw the aggregate in favor of the specific
> /24s
> - Ask your second ISP to advertise your specific /24 in that city

Better yet, advertise your own /19 aggregate, mark your /24's with
communities that mean to your provider that they shouldn't be propagated
outside of their network and their customers (if they can't do this, fire
them) to be a good neighbor by not polluting the global routing table with
unnecessary routes.  Then when the asteroid hits, just pull down the /19
advertisement (or if you're lucky, they are so destroyed they won't get
the announcement out to the world anymore anyway).

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