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RE: Code Red 2 cleanup; reporting..

  • From: z
  • Date: Thu Aug 09 02:42:04 2001

On Thu, 9 Aug 2001, Mathias Körber wrote:

> >    Is there an effort abound that would allow for lists of verified 'Code
> > Red 2' infected hosts to be reported for cleanup/mitigation?
> > By known 'Code
> > Red 2' infected hosts, I mean that root.exe has been found to exist on the
> > host.
> >
> >   Finding the contact information for a lot of these is proving difficult
> > being that a fair amount of the infected machines are Joe Blow broadband
> > customers.
> Publishing such lists is IMHO not a good idea, as these hosts are vulnerable and
> publishing their addresses would only serve to let more crackers know where to
> go..

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    Yes, I think that your observation is obvious.. publishing lists of
infected hosts is a bad idea.     My question was asking if there was an
unofficial mitigation process to notify the end-use and/or the providers
involved for clean-up efforts.

    I don't want lists of infected hosts nor do I want to publish lists
of infected hosts.   Being that it is difficult to contact the end-user of
a lot of the infected hosts, is there a discrete process in place for
notifying the provider.. etc etc.

   If nothing is in place, great, I'll just throw e-mails to the
end-users I can find and/or their respective NSP.  If something is
in place.. either unofficial or special contacts at the NSPs, great, I'll
go that route.