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Re: Covad, Chapter 11 !

  • From: Jeff Mcadams
  • Date: Wed Aug 08 15:08:49 2001

Also sprach Mitch Halmu
>Ownership of the C/O and the last mile confers ILECs an unfair
>advantage in this business. While they have set up separate companies
>for Internet access, they still benefit from moving funds from one
>pocket to another, within the same conglomerate. No independent company
>can realistically have a fair shot at competing in this environment, as
>demonstrated by the string of bankruptcies we just witnessed.

To pick a nit here.  BellSouth sells their Internet services and
regulated telco services out of the same actual company within the
corporate umbrella.

This just means that the moving money from one pocket to another is even
*worse* in this case as its *purely* an accounting entry, there's not
even the *pretense* that there's a cash transaction going on.
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