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Re: Static routes in an AS vs BGP advertised routes

  • From: up
  • Date: Wed Aug 08 10:45:36 2001

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Murphy, Brennan wrote:

> Everything is going along smoothly until an asteroid crashes
> into the data center of one of your ISPs in one of the cities.
> It causes extensive damage and a certain amount of
> hysteria but to you, it means that only one of your ISPs
> can truly reach your full /19.  That is, the /24 you were
> advertising in that city is now only reachable via one
> of the ISPs. But the ISP taken out by the asteroid is
> still advertising the full /19.  
> Under the circumstances (loss of life, hysteria, sub-optimal 
> routing), would it be appropriate to ask the unfortunate
> ISP to create a static route on their network to push
> traffic destined for that particular /24 over to the other
> ISP's network?  This way, the /19 advertisements can
> be maintained and when traffic destined for that
> one /24 reaches the asteroid ISP, it can get passed
> over to the non-asteroid ISP.   The route wouldnt be
> advertised to other carriers.....just used to make sure
> traffic reached the correct final destination. 

It's not only reasonable, but not uncommon.  I've never heard of an ISP
that's had an astoroid take out a POP refuse to make these accomodations.
Frankly, though, I'd try to replace them with a provider that pays a
little more attention to celestial traffic patterns.

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