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RE: MPLS VPNs or not?

  • From: Kavi, Prabhu
  • Date: Wed Aug 08 09:09:51 2001

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> I'm known for making strong statements, you are right.  
> However, so far
> I've heard no convincing argument against these positions; 
> and I tried to
> solicit opinions by offering the opinions in question for the public
> review.  Frankly, i was disappointed by the "let's wait and 
> see which one
> works" attitude.  As Randy was kind to point out, that 
> attitude already
> gave us a slew of DOA networking technologies, to the tune of billions
> wasted.

I don't think UUNET considered it a waste. UUNET could not have grown
as quickly as it did during the mid to late 90s without L2 (Frame and
ATM) technologies.  Fortunately for them, they did not have any pure IP
only zealots that prevented the pragmatic use of other technologies
in their networks.  Otherwise they probably would not have been able
to outrun the other ISPs.

UUNET received two benefits from it: 

	1.  Speed, since at the time L2 switches were faster 
	    than routers, and 
    	2.  Traffic engineering, which saved them money in transport 

Point 1 is no longer valid.  Point 2 is still valid.

UUNET built bigger and better networks at the time because of this. 
The market decided that UUNET was right.  UUNET's shareholders were 
well rewarded because of what you called this "waste".

I guess the real question should be how much market cap did other
companies lose because of certain people's zealotry?  Any answers

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