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Re: MPLS VPNs or not?

  • From: Sean M. Doran
  • Date: Wed Aug 08 08:25:42 2001

| MPLS doesn't require per-hop policy decisions.  Policy decisions only
| need to be made at the edge

OIC - so the decision to ACK or NAK a resource request when setting
up an LSP is not subject to any policy control?   

I feel enlightened.  Must be all the optical stuff enabled by this 
policy-free switched virtual circuit technology.

| Parallels with the diffserv model of classifying & marking packets
| at the edge so you only need to look at PHBs in the middle.

Ah, Pointy Haired Bosses at the centre of things.  Explains alot.

| Instantiation of per-hop policy in MPLS consists of forwarding by LSP,
| except at the edge router.

Fortunately, creationist theory applies to the edge router's
menu of labels to choose from, so nothing in the middle has to
think at all (e.g. during setup, partition repair, ER/TE changes, etc.).

	Sean. (anti-MPLS dinosaur)