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Re: MPLS VPNs or not?

  • From: Vadim Antonov
  • Date: Tue Aug 07 22:03:49 2001

Yakov, that was not nice.

If you look at the "opposition" side you'll see quite a lot of people who
had to run real backbones; and who have a feeling of impact featurism has
on reliability of code.  For what it worth, nothing makes you appreciate
simplicity and quality as getting dragged out of bed in the middle of the
night to fix backbone falling down in flames because of yet anothing
interesting glitch caused by the flaky but feature-rich software.

My position was always consistent - if you can do something (like VPN) at
the edge boxes w/o inroducing complexity into core transport, this is the
way to do that.  "Intelligent networks" is a _bad_ idea.  

Also note that in the backbone world, no operator is protected from
other's stupid decisions.  That's why promoting good practices is a
necessity, not just a religious argument. Otherwise wily Randy would
heartily advise everyone else to switch to X.25 running on top of ATM :)


On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Yakov Rekhter wrote:

> Christian,
> > MPLS VPNs solve a very specific set of problems.  If you don't like because it
> > doesn't fit your operational model, don't use it.  But this sort of generic
> > bashing and FUD leads nowhere.
> That would be a rational position, but it can't be accepted by the
> folks who have a fairly irrational attitude about the subject. These
> folks are of firm opinion that they know how things should be
> done, and moreover, their way of doing things is the one, and *only*
> one way of doing this.
> In the absence of any rational arguments (like the case we
> have at hand), the only thing these folks could use to justify
> their dogmas is generic bashing and FUD.
> Yakov.