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RE: MPLS VPNs or not?

  • From: Kavi, Prabhu
  • Date: Tue Aug 07 14:06:25 2001

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> From: Irwin Lazar [mailto:[email protected]]
> I also found it interesting that the critics of MPLS as "bad 
> for the 'net"
> work for a company that currently offers MPLS-based VPN 
> services in the U.S.
> (IP Enabled Frame Relay) and is rolling those services out to 
> Europe while
> also expanding them to support ATM speeds.  I'm betting that 
> there are quite
> a few very upset product managers at AT&T this morning.  
> Irwin

I thought this was interesting as well.  This other group within
AT&T has obviously looked at the potential scaling problems, the
risks associated with it, and continue to deploy it.  As a side
note, this group has built large networks in the past, and given
the size and scope of their networks, have a stability that most
operators would envy.  Oh by the way, they are profitable too.

Randy, what was your point again?

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