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Followup on Cleveland Keith Building Fire

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Tue Aug 07 04:07:33 2001

The Keith Building is your typical multi-tenent, multi-purpose
office building, which also has become a defacto carrier hotel.
Over 20 different carriers have equipment, and circuits in the

Although the property damage was limited, and no one was severely
injured, during the fire department response several providers
had service interruptions.  In a multi-tenent building, it is
often difficult to do pre-fire planning.  Even though we are all
competitors, in such situations, we all share the same fate.  On
fire-life-safety issues it would make sense for those of us in
each of organizations to ensure the overall safety of the buildings
we are all in.

The National Fire Protection Assocation is developing guidelines
for telecommunication facilities.  Are there any lessons we can
learn from the Keith Building fire which should be included in
the recommended guidelines?  Can we work with the local fire
departments on more effective pre-fire planning?