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Re: The Death of TCP/IP

  • From: smoot
  • Date: Mon Aug 06 14:21:37 2001

> Owen DeLong <[email protected]> said:

> Most of those 400 varieties interoperate with current IP.  If you look
> at the
> history of VINES IP, as in his example, I think you will find that his
> concerns
> are not as far off as you would hope.

I doubt if MS is deliberately trying to get rid of TCP/IP at this point in 
time.  They did try to build their own proprietary network a few years ago and 
it failed because of the existense of the Internet.

Also MS has a major problem in trying to close a network protocol
around their OS and it is not technical.  It is the finding they are
a monopoly and monopolies have to be very careful about their business
practices. Closing off generic use of TCP/IP from their OS would be seen
as very anti-competitive.

Smoot Carl-Mitchell