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Re: IP address blocks for out-of-band inter-provider links

  • From: Daniel Senie
  • Date: Mon Aug 06 07:50:42 2001

At 06:03 AM 8/6/01, [email protected] wrote:

 Well, it sure looks like a "virtual" exchange to me.

Also looks like every private interconnect in the business-to-business world, where people have for years been asking for micro-allocations so that companies, who generally all use RFC 1918 addresses internally, can have SOME address space that's guaranteed uniquely numbered.

I don't see a good reason why a confederation of ISPs/NSPs/etc. doing what is essentially a private, B2B network should be afforded any different treatment in this area than other businesses.

Don't get me wrong, I think such allocations SHOULD be available from ARIN/RIPE/APNIC. I think it's a good thing that the networking community might finally understand why.
Daniel Senie [email protected]
Amaranth Networks Inc.