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Re: The Death of TCP/IP

  • From: Wojtek Zlobicki
  • Date: Sun Aug 05 18:11:38 2001


Nothing other than anti-Microsoft propaganda.  You cannot blame Microsoft
for high market share.  The main reason that *Nix hosts are generally more
resilient to these type of worms is that it is less likely for a non
informed administrator to administer a *Nix sever.  If everyone that had a
IIS box available on the big I, installed all related patches, worms like
Code Red would never propagate very far.

Raw socket support in NOT a bad thing.  I wonder if Robert Cringely and
Steve Gibson are friends.

Has Robert studied TCP at all.  Does he realize that there are already about
400 varieties of TCP, with many hacks and alterations.  MS/TCP ??  A
proprietary MSFT network/transport protocol !!

My favorite part of the article

"Say goodbye to TCP/IP and to anonymous connections of any kind. Hello to
Hailstorm, tracking everything down to the last mile, and a more
business-friendly Internet with prioritized packet-handling. "


I really encourage anyone with a tough skin, and looking for a good laugh to
read this article.

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