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Re: and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere (fwd)

  • From: Mitch Halmu
  • Date: Fri Aug 03 11:51:44 2001

On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Peter Galbavy wrote:

> > Let me make this clear: I would turn over control to the US government
> > for any network function that the law in force requires. Conversely,
> no
> > private party or foreign entity operating by their own laws, or
> outside
> > the law, has the right to dictate rules to any provider. The loons are
> > those short-sighted nerds that willingly give an inch to anyone
> bullying
> > them on the Internet. I wouldn't give in to something like this even
> > outside cyberspace, out of pure conviction.
> I am not sure how to read that, but what I see says ' I trust the US
> government. I ignore all other jurisdictions.' ? Sorry, but while this
> is NANOG, there is a whole other world out there. Including Canada to be
> NA-objective about it.

Trust doesn't figure in my statement. Regardless of trust, the laws in 
force in your country must be obeyed. While in Canada, do as the
Canadians do. Surely you don't mean to imply I should worry about, for
example, communist China's laws regarding censorship of communications?