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Re: and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere (fwd)

  • From: Mathias Koerber
  • Date: Fri Aug 03 10:05:21 2001

|On Fri, 3 Aug 2001, Mathias Koerber wrote:
|> |
|> |
|> |
|> These sources say that 'not relaying by default' was implemented
|> on suggestion by Paul Vixie. They do not talk about checking MAPS
|> (feature('dnsbl')) at all.
|And how, may I ask then, is the MAPS RSS implemented? By which 
|mechanism, and whose default server was specified?

'Not relaying' is totally unrelated to checking MAPS or any
other RBL. It refers to the mailer not to relay mail from an outside
address to another outside address not served by the mailer.
There is no need to check any RBL for that.

|Historically, the first feature was called (rbl), now superceded
|by (dnsbl), and was introduced in sendmail rel. 8.9.1 (1998).

Sure. But you claim to have proof (in the two links you posted) that
that feature was implemented on request of PV. That is not true,
those links only refer to PV having requested that sendmail not

|> |Don't believe me. [...]
|> I won't. Not after this.
|Okay then, perhaps you can come up with evidence to the contrary.

You are making the claims, so it is upto you to provide proof.

|BTW Mathias, we did have a few users from Singapore. They were 
|trying to avoid their country's strict censorship, and were relaying 
|their private correspondence through our server, although they had
|accounts there. I wonder why? Perhaps it was the fear of rattan
|canes that made them do it...

Nice ad-natiomen :-) That has nothing to do with the
topic at hand. Trying to deflect from unproven claims and apparent
inability to prove them?