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Re: and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere (fwd)

  • From: Wojtek Zlobicki
  • Date: Fri Aug 03 08:28:04 2001

> Remember in your analysis that NSI's whois is *notoriously* inaccurate,
> and quite often the "owner of record" of a /16 is a service provider, and
> the person you WANT to send the mail to is the admin of the company that
> bought a /22 from that provider's /16.
> Hint:  You ever had a hack-in attempt at your site, and tried to figure
> out who owned the IP address?  How long did it take you?  Have you ever
> come up empty-handed?  Good - now design a way to do that look-up several
> hundred times *a second*.
> But yeah, with a little bit of hand-waving, they could get the mail
> to the right admin at the right company.

This isn't NSI's fault !!!  Every ISP that I have worked for that assigned a
block of 8 or more IPs properly swipped their IPs with ARIN.  If people get
lazy and just swip(spelling ?)  a /16 instead of individual blocks, ARIN
cannot be blamed.  Even the IP's for the /25 that I am on on my cable modem
at home are properly swipped to reflect the geographic region as well as my