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RE: and other impatient Postfix mailerseverywhere (fwd)

  • From: Derek Balling
  • Date: Thu Aug 02 20:45:19 2001

The above is exactly the reason (well not the only reason), that we now use
Qmail instead of sendmail.

I never liked the idea of someone else, with an agenda that I'm sure
doesn't coinside with mine, telling me who I should talk to or not. When
the source code defaulted to using these "services" that's when I bailed on
Where does sendmail "default" to using the MAPS RBL? Not a single "default" mc file contains any reference to it:

$ grep dnsbl /usr/local/src/sendmail-8.12.0.Beta17/cf/cf/*.mc

It must be explicitly enabled with the FEATURE(dnsbl) rule in your file.

Try to connects facts and reality before making statements like that, ok? Unless, of course, you work in M$'s FUD department, in which case, its part of the job description, and understandable.


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