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MAPS changes (was RE: and other...etc)

  • From: Larry Sheldon
  • Date: Thu Aug 02 20:38:47 2001

> Yes, you can lookup contact information for IP blocks.  However, we all
> know how up-to-date that is, and the person listed there may or may not
> be involved with the mail server.

The spammers seem to think its OK.  Seems like anti-spammers could give it
a try.

> If there had been a notice here, would you have been as unhappy?  Remember
> this was a free service.  If I decided I could no longer make chess endgame
> databases available for free, I would not feel inclined to look up everyone
> who had been using them and notify them.

At first cut, I could not agree more.  But at second and third thought when
I realized that just yanking the thing would have, you might say, unanticipated
consequences, I would try to find a way of (think of imploding a building)
firing the trigger without having it fall in on me.

> As I recall, the first modifications to use RBL in sendmail were done
> elsewhere, eventually a link was included on the sendmail site, and then
> it was part of the configuration.

We are sort of minimalist when it comes to modifying mainstream code, so
I betting we got it of the box and plugged it.  But that would have been
on my watch, and I don't remember for sure.

> I can see you are bitter about the impact on your mailservers.  I am not
> happy about the way it was done as well, but assuming it was malacious
> seems excessive.

I don't think bitter is right--and I did in fact get wind of this in the
anti-spam community several weeks ago so we had actually pulled the code
out last week, I think.

I'm just really tired of the cult-of-personality stuff.  Lots of us are
just trying to keep our tiny corner of the world running for reasons
that do not glorify bits and bit-fiddlers against a growing tide of
bad guys.  Having trouble telling who is on your side and who isn't does
not enhance the experience.

And if I can figure out what IP addresses to block, I will try to ensure
that we are not now part of their problem--self imposed it might be.