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RE: and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere (fwd)

  • From: Larry Sheldon
  • Date: Thu Aug 02 19:47:04 2001

> I understand they have a problem notifying everyone since they don't 
> know contact information for the people using the service, but I would
> have expected to see an announcement here, for example.

Lemesee if I got this right...Paul Vixie doesn't know anybody that can
pull my IP addresses out of their logs, look them up on ARIN, send me email.



> How do you think those references got there?  Could it be that enough 
> people requested it and asked how to do it with older versions of 
> sendmail that it was made an optional part of the standard configuration?

Probably not.

Can you say "bait and switch", boys and girls.

Right out of Mad Man Muntz's handbook.