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RE: and other impatient Postfix mailers everywhere(fwd)

  • From: Brandon Ross
  • Date: Thu Aug 02 18:19:47 2001

On Thu, 2 Aug 2001, Mitch Halmu wrote:

> Which is to show you what can happen to those that entrust control of
> their communications to a third party. The commercialization of the lil'
> MAPS charity proves beyond a reasonable doubt that it was just another
> clever ploy for them to make a living at it.

That's right!  I think it's just evil that they might want to cover their
costs and maybe be able to eat, drink, and pay their rent.  All the
necessities of life should be provided by the state after all!

Whatever.  If you find the service valuable, then you'll pay for it, if
you don't, then don't use it and go away.

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