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Re: A watched pot never boils: The Return of Code Red

  • From: Lloyd Taylor
  • Date: Thu Aug 02 00:44:15 2001

I will *never* again attempt to move a datacenter during a period
containing a major fibercut *and* *TWO* major worm outbreaks!

Please inform me in advance next time of any unplanned outages
or surprise worm/virus releases.



On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Simon Waters wrote:

> Funny I get KEYNOTE.COM fine, but
> has problems.
> The site is reachable via but Keynote
> seem to use the other name in their link.
> It is a DNS delegation issue (and possibly web server
> configuration), I have flagged it to the contact listed in the
> SOA at Keynote.
> A quick glance suggests at the Internet Pulse suggests that
> things may be slightly below average, but not dramatically
> different from normal, certainly it doesn't look fatal yet.