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RE: MicroSoft amplification?

  • From: Rishi Singh
  • Date: Wed Aug 01 23:56:52 2001

The DUP packets resemble WLBS (Windows Load Balancing Service) in action.
What platform did you ping it from? A unix host? Windows ping command does
not show the extra icmp responses.

Just a thought.

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In message <[email protected]>, "Tony
l" writes:
>I see it too, on that address and on the second of the 3 addresses mapped 
>to (the third address doesn't respond at all).
>Most likely this is due to a not very smart load distribution system.

I'm told that that is indeed the case.  Well, strike the "not very 
smart" part -- I wasn't told that -- but I was told that it is indeed
because of the load distribution system.

		--Steve Bellovin,