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Re: Dialup congestion and winter weather (fwd)

  • From: Mark Milhollan
  • Date: Fri Dec 29 12:26:10 2000

Jeff Mcadams writes:

>its been our experience that once all of the channels on all of the
>available PRI to the ISP are in use, the telco will generate an all
>circuits busy type of response as the PRI are trunk-side, so the
>switches typically treat them as inter-switch trunks being filled, not
>end lines to the ISP being full.

As always YMMV.  The result is affected to a great extent by
provisioning.  Which is obvious and yet hasn't been mentioned.

One way causes a call setup request to be sent even though the switch
knows that there are no available B channels, which permits the terminal
to make it's own decision as to the disposition of the call, e.g.,
refuse it with cause code 17 which _should_ cause some switch in the
call path (the originating one usually) to generate a normal busy tone.