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Feb 2001 COOK Report contents & distribution list for receipt ofcook report monthly summaries

  • From: Gordon Cook
  • Date: Thu Dec 28 16:23:09 2000

The COOK Report on Internet February 2001 (Vol.9, No. 11)


Three Dimensional Data Web Set To Emerge --
New Protocols Enable Manipulation of Quantitative Data by Data Web Browsers -- Open Standards Likely to Give Huge
Boost to Data Mining Activities -- Work Pushed By Terabyte Challenge Consortium Enables Remote Interaction of Data Sets pp. 1 -12

ISOC Summarizes ICANN Dilemma, p. 12

IPv6 from the Viewpoint of Mobile Wireless
Continued Cell Phone Growth to Cause Deployment of IPv6 Nets Interconnected to Non Disappearing IPv4 Infrastructure
Substantial Work Remains to Bring V6 and Data to Cell Phones,
pp. 13 - 19

Among Scaling Issues IPv6 Solves Only IP Number Problem
NATs Depend on Both IP Numbers and Routing Issues
Since IPv4 and v6 Interconnect But do not Interoperate Introducing v6 Means Running Two Networks -- 3G Makes v6 Cellular Viable pp. 20 - 22

Klensin Internet Drafts Propose Radical DNS Revamp - New Class Means New Root -- Drafts Are Aftermath of Network Solutions Split With IETF on ENUM and Internationalized Domain Names
pp. 23 - 26

Executive Summary, pp. 27 - 28

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