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RE: florida ix(en) facing south

  • From: Christian Kuhtz
  • Date: Wed Dec 27 14:22:02 2000

Hey gang,

hmm, I feel I should say a few words here.

> I guess my hope at this point is that BellSouth will jump on the
> bandwagon, and make their facility part of NOTA.

First of all, let me politely state that I really don't care to get into
anything that could even remotely be considered a "NAP war".  This is perhaps
what could be considered a competitive arena and the better one will win;
beyond that.. only time will tell.

So, instead of going that route of incoherent, "sound bite like" discussions,
I would like to stress that I intend to do a detailed presentation of the
Florida-MIX at the February NANOG in Atlanta.  During this presentation and
afterwards, with regards to the Florida-MIX I will entertain any question
presented to me.

I think as a result of having all the information out on the table, we(*) hope
that it may become quite clear why we believe the above suggestion really is
no solution for the challenge presented to us, as there are significant
differences in architecture, operational implications, and, say, environmental
factors.   These aren't just two vanilla NAPs who are mirror images of each
other, there are -- we feel -- fundamental differences that need to be
discussed in a factual manner.  And it is one more reason to attend the 1st
NANOG in 2001 ;-).

(*) we: organizations external and internal to BellSouth, whether in
supporting roles or as potential participants.

> I just hope everyone goes
> into this with an open mind [..]

And likewise any rush to judgement doesn't really serve anyone at all.

I think anyone who is serious about peering and whose business depends on it
will want to make that decision carefully and deliberately, and knowing all
the facts available to them.


Christian Kuhtz <[email protected]> -wk, <[email protected]> -hm
Sr. Architect, Engineering & Architecture,, Atlanta, GA, U.S.
"I speak for myself only."