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POP construction standards (was Re: [Empty])

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Tue Dec 26 16:51:06 2000

On Tue, 26 December 2000, "Charles Smith" wrote:
> are there any published standards regarding POP construction or POP 
> equipment installation? if available, I suspect this may fall under the 
> jurisdiction of the ITU, ISO or equivalent standards body.
> your input is appreciated.

Yes, there are thousands of standards regarding POP construction and
POP equipment installation.  There are lots of standards bodies who
publish standards, although many good ones are still proprietary.  You
need to be a bit more specific.

See ANSI, ATIS, Bellcore(telcordia), ETSI, Factory Mutual, ICBO, MIL-STD,
MIL-HDBK and UL to get you started.  A major public or university library
can help you with your research needs.