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RE: florida ix(en) facing south

  • From: Daniel L. Golding
  • Date: Fri Dec 22 09:39:31 2000


Keep in mind that all of those actions, including turning up an interim
facility, were voted on by the membership. It's not like a MAE, where the
operator can take action without the consent of the members. As far as who
is going to be there - I would assume that the vast majority of members
will be in the facility pretty quickly. Of course, that doesn't translate
into willingness to peer with anyone. I know of several members who have
no intention of peering on the public fabric - only privately. All of the
"big guys" going in, intend to sell transit in the facility as well.

- Dan Golding

On Thu, 21 Dec 2000 [email protected] wrote:

> On Thu, 21 Dec 2000, Scott Patterson wrote:
> > We have been involved in both potential NAPs from the beginning, but seems
> > the one with most involvement is NOTA (Nap of the Americas).  Which is the
> > only one we are pursuing now.  Check out the website
> > ( for all of the details and member
> > listings thus far.  They are turning up an interim facility in the next
> > month or so, with the permanent facility to open sometime next summer.  Very
> Annoying web site.  Impressive list of members.  How do we tell who's
> really going to be there before we commit to the expense of being there?
> Why on earth would someone turn up an interim NAP knowing a "permenant
> facility" will come next year?  Do they really expect participants to put
> out the work and expense to connect to a NAP knowing they'll have to rip
> gear and circuits out and move in the near future?  We're not all .com's
> burning VC money to keep our hands warm while we work in buildings where
> the A/C only works in the winter and is actually run when it's 30-40F
> outside.
> Does anyone make typing gloves?  (you thought I was kidding about the A/C)
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