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Re: florida ix(en) facing south - hohoho

  • From: David Diaz
  • Date: Thu Dec 21 16:25:45 2000

Listen, it's 55 degrees in miami and my brain obviously suffers below 60. It will be meshed not messed, both network wise and physical fibre wise. Obviously as they add nodes (or if they add) it will not be a fully meshed physical design.

I'd also like to know what other considerations are important.
+Is it important not to have a NAP node in a hurricane evacuation zone? (ie perhaps even on the water).
-The blding can be built to withstand the hurricane however when their is a hurricane in a certain geographical "box" the police block the roads denying access
-In miami it is East of US1 that is the evac zone

+Is a single node NAP acceptable.
-A failure would mean likely reroute to another domestic NAP so perhaps this is acceptable.
-Does this make too great a target for activists with an agenda?

+What are the most important features desired?
-Customer visibility and provisioning
-private vs public peering design etc


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On Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:45:04 EST, "Deron J.Ringen" <[email protected]> said:
A lot of marketing hype. However some key points:
- Planning for four POPs in south FL which will be fully messed via a DWDM core. 
Umm.. did you mean meshed, or is it suspected that it will be correct as stated?


Valdis Kletnieks
Operating Systems Analyst
Virginia Tech