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Re: florida ix(en) facing south

  • From: Bennett Todd
  • Date: Thu Dec 21 13:19:59 2000

2000-12-21-12:17:26 Scott Patterson:
> 2000-12-21-09:13:08 Randy Bush:
> > folk clueless enough to put up a shockwave-only page sure ain't
> > gonna get a lot of big isp business.
> That's marketing folks for ya.  Can't hold that against what the
> NAP can offer.

Actually, you can.

If the website doesn't conform to reasonable standards, then either
the company doesn't have technically competant people, or else they
aren't able to influence the public website. Either way, I'd
certainly steer a wide berth around any such company.

It's within the bounds of possibility that the company really has
technically competant people, who don't for whatever reason care
about the public presence of their company on the net, but could fix
it if they bothered. Even that fantasy scenario doesn't make me want
to do business with them.


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