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Re: small device with IP address

  • From: Mark Mentovai
  • Date: Thu Dec 21 10:18:21 2000

Mikael Abrahamsson wrote:
>Does anyone know if there is a device somewhere that is small, cheap, has
>1 10mbit (or 100mbit) ethernet port and a small IP stack that enable you
>to set ip address and default gateway on it (dhcp perhaps?).
>I would like to put something like this at some customers to use for
>pinging to see that the customer is reachable. Cost should preferrably be
>in the $50-$100 range.

Netgear and Linksys sell "routers" (the quotes are intentional) aimed at the
DSL/cable modem SOHO crowd but that can be used for any application with an
Ethernet uplink.  They're typically priced a bit over $100 and include other
features, such as NAT, a DHCP server, etc.  Some models also incorporate a
built-in switch.