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RIPE Whois RPSL Migration

  • From: RIPE NCC
  • Date: Thu Dec 21 09:37:05 2000

[ Apologies for duplicate mails ]

RIPE Whois RPSL Migration

The RIPE Database re-implementation project is nearing completion.  A key
feature of the new database is the implementation of RPSL, to replace the
old RIPE-181 standard.

RPSL is similar, but not identical, to RIPE-181.  The RIPE NCC expects
that many programs that use the RIPE Whois database will continue to
operate properly without modification.  However, some programs may have
problems parsing the RPSL format, or be confused by differences in

We would like to ensure that the transition to RPSL is as easy as
possible.  Therefore, we are working with the RIPE community to provide
resources you can use to check any programs or scripts that you have that
use the RIPE Whois database.

Please visit our Migration page for further information:

This page will be updated regularly with the latest information.  We
will provide additional tools and information as they become available.

The actual timeline of when the RPSL server will replace the existing
RIPE-181 server will be decided at the RIPE-38 meeting.  If you want
input on when the change will occur, then you should either attend this
meeting or post your comments on the RIPE DB mailing list.


The RIPE Database Group.