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RE: Port scanning legal

  • From: Patrick Evans
  • Date: Tue Dec 19 11:23:07 2000

On Tue, 19 Dec 2000, Jeff Wheat wrote:

> Isn't that just sweet... So in a nutshell it is *not* illegal for
> kiddies to port scan a network looking for vulnerabilities. It
> would seem to me that such scans would impair the integrity of
> ones networks, or am I just smoking crack?

	Scott Moulton, president of Network Installation Computer 
	Services (NICS), is still facing criminal charges of attempted 
	computer trespass under Georgia's computer crime laws for port
	scanning a system owned by a competing contractor.

The result of the case would appear to be that you can't expect to win
a civil lawsuit claiming damages relating to time spent investigating
a port scan. Nothing more. So yes, you're smoking crack :)

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