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Re: Where are ATM NAPs going?

  • From: Leo Bicknell
  • Date: Mon Dec 18 19:06:49 2000

	Regardless of how good the technologies are, the router vendors
have killed ATM as a future nap technology.  To use the Cisco example,
ATM tops out an OC-12, and has less port density than anything else at
that speed (eg 3xGBE in the same slot).  While cute, this is useless
for an exchange of the future, where Gigabit will be the preferred connection
in the sort term, and 10GigE will be the long term solution.

	Yesterday's 1 meg public peer on 100meg FE is turning into today's
10 meg public peer on 100Meg FE/622Mbps ATM, which is really a step backwards.
They need to be on Gigabit soon, as tomorrow they will be the 100meg public
peer, and you'll want to upgrade to 10GigE interfaces.

	If there were OC-48 or OC-192 ATM coming, and/or switches with the
density to make that work it would have a future, but alas, that seems to
not be in any vendors road map.

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