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Re: Where are ATM NAPs going?

  • From: Reid Knuttila
  • Date: Mon Dec 18 17:23:01 2000

> On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Christian Kuhtz wrote:
> > Do you have any expectations with regards to service provided between
> > peers and the fact that some peers may (depending on your ATM QoS) step
> > other peering partners?
> The short answer is "no".  ;^)
> The longer answer is that I'm aware of the potential chaos &
> associated with a multi-user contention-based UBR service such as that
> offered by the AADS NAP.  It's certainly an issue, but it doesn't
> it from being a useful piece of a connectivity puzzle provided that one
> utilizes it with eyes open about its characteristics.

I am looking at connecting to more ATM NAPs, but that circuit to the NAP
gets pricey. Rather than backhaul a point to point circuit with ATM
encapsulation to each NAP, I would like to purchase transport from an ATM
service provider. This could be economical especially considering the
potential distance between my nearest router and the NAP, and considering
the ability to pay per MBit.

My question is, what kind of ATM QoS is most appropriate for this kind of
service? Even if I'm dealing with UBR at the NAP itself, my path from here
to the NAP across my ATM provider's network may require some better QoS than
UBR. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Reid Knuttila
Network Engineer