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Re: Packet Loss

  • From: doug
  • Date: Sat Dec 16 14:39:40 2000

I have a hanging chad story. I worked for GE subbing to NASA at Marshall
Space Flight Center in the late 60's. Our group programmed the Atlas
first stage simulations. We had such a program. Never found the bug
until one of the operators dropped the deck. We would not have found it
then except he (they) tried to put the deck back together :)

I do not rememver if this was a 7090 or a GE-235 program.  Whichever
system it was an IBM keypunch that did the deed. As I recall both
systems did checksums so I guess in the "open" position it must have
closed its neighbor.

> At 11:20 AM 12/15/2000, you wrote:
> >On the other hand, I did tens of thousands of lines of code on IBM
> >punched cards and I never
> >once recall a bug caused by a chad, hanging or otherwise.
> >
> >                                    Regards
> >                                    Marshall Eubanks

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