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RE: multi-homing without the BGP (was RE: Packet Loss)

  • From: Daniel Golding
  • Date: Fri Dec 15 13:54:19 2000


You don't really need a /20 to multihome or use BGP. Just get an ASN,
multiple providers, and advertise your space. There are a couple ways to
deal with those who will filter smaller blocks. One way is to get two
providers, get space from one or both with a block larger than a /21. Ensure
that the two providers peer directly with each other, and that they will
advertise blocks smaller than a /20 to each other (/24 is a more normal
filtering level these days). Also ensure that whichever of the upstreams
that is giving you the space advertises it as the larger, less specific,
aggregate as well. Given this situation, you should be fine. If your
connection to the ISP announcing the globally routable aggregate goes down,
it will still announce the aggregate, then route your traffic to the more
specific route in the block being announced by it's peer. Works like a

- Dan Golding
NetRail, Inc.

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I will spare everyone my own personal experiences as of late in dealing with
ARIN for a /20.  How about some talk on this topic, multi-homing without the
application of the BGP, a pressing concern amongst mid-level ISPs and small
dot com's.


P.S.  Mr. Jimmerson... I want a /20, and a pony.  Give me a /20 and a pony,
I want a pony!!!!

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