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Re: Packet Loss

  • From: Steven M. Bellovin
  • Date: Fri Dec 15 13:25:06 2000

In message <[email protected]>, "
John R. Grant" writes:
>Yesterday, Roeland Meyer wrote:
>> I know for certain that it dates back to the pain-frame daze and originally
>> refered to 9600 baud open-reel tape <snip>
>that would be 9600 bit per inch GCR format 9-track tape, don't you think?

They didn't have nearly that density -- when I heard the phrase, it was 
800 or 1600 bits per linear inch (1600' reels), with 8 bits (plus 
parity) across.  And 200 bpi 6-track tapes were still in use, though being 
phased out.

		--Steve Bellovin