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Re: Packet Loss

  • From: Hugh Irvine
  • Date: Fri Dec 15 11:49:00 2000

Hello all -

>    Real Men use punched paper tape to store programs and load the boot
> block, after toggling
> its binary location on the system console register :) The Gods Who Walk
> Among Us program in machine 
> code by toggling it in at the console. 
> (I still have some punched paper tape somewhere. I remember feeling
> impressed when I graduated to
> punched cards. They didn't tend to crack if you had a string of all bits
> set to one.)
> On the other hand, I did tens of thousands of lines of code on IBM
> punched cards and I never
> once recall a bug caused by a chad, hanging or otherwise.

Further to my previous post, we used to use punched paper tape as the absolute
fall-back to boot the acquisition sytem (we didn't take disks to sea back then).

We had a heck of a time keeping the tapes dry....



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